Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Troop 362! I hope everyone had a great holiday season. Christmas has come and gone, and now it is time to start anew.

2016 is going to be a great year. It’s time for a new year full of fun and adventure. Boy scouts isn’t just a place to start fires and learn how to use knives. It is to learn to be a good outdoorsman, respect all wildlife and people, and serve our community.

This year, all of us should get into the action, by going on hikes, participating in the flags on Main Street, and striving for Eagle Scout. I’m sure the troop will have many activities and events coming throughout the year. We should all be excited for summer camp this year as it’s a great way to earn badges and advance rank, besides having a great time with old and new friends.

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Veteran’s Day Flags on Main Street

Waking up at five in the morning and walking around on the street is not something most people do on a holiday. Yet the Boy Scouts of America do it anyway. We went out to the Elk’s Lodge, as we do every holiday, to set up flags on Main Street.
We all gathered around the shed at five-thirty in the morning, grabbing flags two at a time, and placing them in the two trucks positioned next to it. After we had all the flags out in the trucks we all left for Main Street. Upon arrival, we grabbed flags from the trucks and placed them in holes, being unplugged by two scouts ahead of the rest.
After we had placed flags all the way down Main Street we all gather at the starting point, and enjoyed some doughnuts. But that, even though it was the most enjoyable, is not why we do what we do. As we all walked back to our cars, several people thanked us for what we did; that’s why we do it, for the greater good. To recognize our veterans that have served, are serving, or even lost their lives serving. We do it, to show them our appreciation, and everlasting gratitude.

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Philmont Scout Ranch

Check out the photos from the 20 Scouts and leaders that went to Philmont this summer. https://flic.kr/s/aHskfwBq9s


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Rae Lakes Backpack Expedition

The next Troop backpacking trip will be on August 9th-14th.  Because if the distance and elevation, per BSA policy this trip requires age 14+  If you have any questions, please contact Steve Barr by clicking here.

RAE LAKES BACKPACK EXPEDITIONTo download the entire flyer in PDF, click here.

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Sespe Wilderness Backpacking Trip

There will be a Troop Backpacking to the Sespe Wilderness in Ojai, CA, from May 23-25 (Memorial Day Weekend).  Any questions, contact ASM, Corey Straily.

Thomas' Patrol Shit

Should be a lot of fun!  Hope you can make it.

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District Camporee Coming Up!

The District Camporee is coming up on May 1st-3rd at Ma Tar Awa Campground at Viejas where it has been held for a number of years now. We are encouraging all patrols to go and Scoutmaster Larry has offered “pizza and beer” to winning patrols.  The cost is $15 for Scouts and $10 per adult.  You can sign up online by clicking here Heartland District Camporee - 2015The Order of the Arrow (OA) call out is Friday night.  If you want to be considered for the OA, let Scoutmaster Larry know right away as we will have an election next Monday or the following Monday.  The call out is Friday night.  Click here for the qualifications to be considered.

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New Scouts

Four new Scouts from the Jaws Patrol earned their Scout Badge.


Here they are with Scoutmaster Larry.

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New Tenderfoot’s

The three new Tenderfoot Scouts from the Falcon Patrol with Scoutmaster Larry.


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New Patrol

We have a new patrol called the Spider Pigs that crossed over from Pack 391. Tonight was their first meeting with us.

New Patrol

This is a photo of the group.  The adult leaders are new ASM’s Rick and Alan. The Troop Guides are Dylan (far left) from the Falcon Patrol and Ben (far right) from the Exploders Patrol.

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Pancake Breakfast 2015

Today, February 22, 2015 we had our annual Pancake Breakfast at our charter organization, Foothills United Methodist Church.  All the patrols helped out and it was a huge success.  We also did the flags at the two church services.  We had pancakes, eggs, sausage and peaches.  Here are a few photos from the event.




You can see all the photos here https://flic.kr/s/aHsk8CYFYy

Thank you to Mrs. Kilki for again organizing the event!

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